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Recreational Marijuana Becomes Legal in Michigan: What That Means for Employers

This month, Michigan became the tenth state to legalize marijuana for recreational use, by passing Proposal 1. With the recent midterm election, this likely will soon become a conversation in additional states, as well. So, what exactly does that mean for drug screening for employment purposes? According to the article

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Hiring Felons….What You Should Know

When it comes to criminal convictions, businesses have traditionally practiced cut-and-dried policies. With evolving employment guidelines and a drastically low unemployment rate, the need for giving convicted criminals a second chance is increasing, and may be a necessity. Recently, the EEOC has strongly inserted itself in the fight against discrimination

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Connecticut Court Rules in Medical Marijuana Use and Pre-Employment Drug Testing Case

Several of our clients at ScoutLogic have had questions regarding medical marijuana users and the impact of new regulations on hiring. Recently, a federal court in Connecticut ruled that the refusal to hire a medical marijuana user, based on a positive marijuana drug test, would be considered employment discrimination. Katelin

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MPW Industrial Services Case Study

ScoutLogic is excited to share our latest case study with MPW…a leader in industrial cleaning, water treatment, facility management, environmental management and container management services to thousands of clients throughout North America.  We are very grateful to the entire MPW team and our client partner Kurt Baker, MPW Human Resources Manager, for working together to improve their

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Cary Schneider Joins ScoutLogic as COO

ScoutLogic is pleased to announce Cary Schneider has joined the company as Chief Operating Officer.  Cary will be accountable for operating excellence in the delivery of ScoutLogic’s industry background check services for employers and staffing agencies. “ScoutLogic’s growth has been almost 100% reference by doing a great job for our

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ScoutLogic Certified As a Minority Business Enterprise

ScoutLogic is pleased to announce we have been designated a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) by the National Minority Supplier Diversity Council (NMSDC).  The NMSDC is a nonprofit corporate membership organization that advances business opportunities for its certified Asian, Black, Hispanic and Native American business enterprises and connects them to

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Employers Willing to Overlook Criminal Records to Hire the Right Person

At a time when unemployment is at a 17-year low of 3.9 percent and 70 million Americans have a criminal record, employers are widening their search for job candidates to include people with criminal histories. This article originally appeared on the SHRM blog.    Research: Employers Willing to Overlook a

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More U.S. Workers Test Positive for Certain Illicit Drugs

Workers testing positive for cocaine, methamphetamine and marijuana use increased in 2017, reports The Wall Street Journal, citing data from Quest Diagnostics. In the states where marijuana is legal, the number of positive drug tests rose — such as Nevada, were the rate for marijuana rose 43% in 2017. Positive

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Consistently Screening Temporary Employees

One of our client’s forwarded the below to us as a great reminder why HR professionals need to be screening their temporary employees including those that come via staffing agencies.  Often, we find employers will have a different standard for their check versus their temp agency workforce. The below is

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The Latest Thinking on Workers’ Medical and Recreational Use of Marijuana

At ScoutLogic, we continue to get many questions around marijuana and drug testing as part of a pre-employment process.  We recently came across this great article from June Bell published by SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) which gives an overview of the latest in litigation.   Navigate Workers’ Medical

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