Choose the Background Check Provider With Over 20 Years of Experience

The ScoutLogic Team Has Deep Industry Experience

ScoutLogic is managed by professionals with over 20 years of experience at the industry’s largest background screening companies.

We started ScoutLogic because:

  • We believe that a background screening company should be all about helping clients recruit and employ great talent.
  • We believe this is a service-oriented industry, not a technology driven one.
  • We believe bigger is not better.

With these beliefs in mind, we have built a reputable background check company with all the great capabilities of a large background check agency, but with personalized, on-shore team members who work together to help you employ great people.

And, most importantly, we created a work environment for those team members so they are excited to come to work everyday and support you and your applicants.


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ScoutLogic provides a full suite of background checks including criminal background investigations, education / employment verification & reference checking, and drug testing to perform FCRA-compliant background checks.



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