Employment Credit Checks

Employment Credit Checks

Hiring the wrong candidates can be very costly, especially when those candidates have financial responsibilities. ScoutLogic’s Employee Credit Report can provide insight on employees and candidates who work in financial institutions, managerial roles, or money-handling positions where financial fraud is a potential risk.

It is important to note that access to and use of consumer credit information is not only subject to the requirements of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), but may also be subject to applicable state law regulating the obtaining and use of such information for employment purposes. ScoutLogic ensures that you comply with all related laws and regulations.

ScoutLogic’s Employee Credit Report can provide:

  • Notifications of civil judgment, tax liens, and bankruptcies
  • Positions and dates of employment at current and previous employers
  • A record of the individual’s credit and payment history
  • Any unpaid bills turned over to a collection agency
  • Other credit inquiries that have been made on the candidate


Do any states restrict the use of employment credit checks in hiring decisions?

Several states, including CA, CO, CT, DE, HI, IL MD, NV, OR, VT and WA, and a few cities like New York and Chicago have restrictions on how employers can use employment credit checks in hiring. Your legal counsel can best advise you.

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ScoutLogic provides a full suite of background checks including criminal background investigations, education / employment verification & reference checking, and drug testing to perform FCRA-compliant background checks.



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