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Verify that your applicant hasn’t overinflated their credentials with ScoutLogic’s Employment Verification Service. Utilizing multiple contact channels including email, chat and text ScoutLogic is able to accelerate verifications, completing them in as little as one day in many cases. Our proprietary online verification tool allows employers to easily complete verifications, eliminating phone tag and the faxing or emailing of personal information.

If ScoutLogic is unable to reach an employer due to bankruptcy or unable to verify employment in the case of contact, we will reach out to the applicant at no cost to you to gather proof of employment in the form of a paystub, W2 or other acceptable document.

ScoutLogic verifies employment for the last seven years up to the three most recent employers, giving you the most relevant view of your applicant’s work history while not sacrificing time or money on unneeded verifications. Work history verification information includes dates of employment, title(s) held, and salary (when available).


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ScoutLogic provides a full suite of background checks including criminal background investigations, education / employment verification & reference checking, and drug testing to perform FCRA-compliant background checks.



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