Comprehensive Executive Background Checks With Concierge Service

ScoutLogic Executive Backgrounds Provide The Best Applicant Experience

A Broader Background Report For Your Most Important Hires

For Executive Hires, ScoutLogic provides a background report that goes beyond traditional searches. In addition to criminal searches, the report can also cover any civil court activity, media reports about the applicant, and their publicly available social media activity. The report is professionally summarized and transmitted in a secure manner to you.

Your Candidate Is Assigned A ScoutLogic Executive Concierge

A principal of ScoutLogic is assigned to be your applicant’s single point of contact to provide the best possible experience. This includes either an on-site visit or teleconference (depending on the candidate’s preferences) to confirm their information, answer any questions, and detail the process. The Executive Concierge provides their personal contact details, including mobile phone number, and is available to the candidate at any time.


Enhanced Drug Testing Experience

If the Executive Background request includes a Drug Test, the Executive Concierge will contact the candidate to ask if they would like the drug test at their location or at a drug testing location. For either option, the Executive Concierge will be available to personally escort them to their test site (in a black car provided by ScoutLogic) or will accompany the drug tester to ensure a completely smooth experience for the applicant.

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ScoutLogic provides a full suite of background checks including criminal background investigations, education / employment verification & reference checking, and drug testing to perform FCRA-compliant background checks.



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