Why ScoutLogic

ScoutLogic Analytics Helps You Hire Faster

Uses Big Data

ScoutLogic has compiled turnaround times from over 3,000 sources to help predict how difficult a check will be.

Predicts Completion Time

By analyzing all the attributes of a job application and the background check search components, ScoutLogic Analytics calculates a predicted completion time to help manage applicant expectations and schedule on-boarding.

Identifies Exceptions

ScoutLogic Analytics identifies applicants whose background checks will take longer at the start of the process, so the ScoutLogic Applicant Experience team can focus on those checks at the beginning, versus after they pass the industry standard of three days.

Our US Employees Improve Your Applicant Experience and Reduce Errors

All Team Members Are Based in the United States

Every ScoutLogic employee is based in the United States. From working with your applicants to performing verifications, every element of the applicant’s background check experience will be performed by a US-based Scout.

More Experienced Team Members

Other background check firms outsource a range of their internal operations to off-shore call centers. These call centers often have high turnover. High turnover leads to less experienced employees, which impacts candidate experience. With ScoutLogic, we have high employee retention and great applicant experiences because our team members have longer tenures. Only our employees will work with your candidates and perform background checks.

ScoutLogic Personalization Treats Each Applicant As A Valued Customer

Proactive Communication for Difficult Background Checks

Typically, when an applicant starts a background check, they get a faceless email telling them to give up their personal details. With ScoutLogic, an applicant with a challenging background check gets a personalized communication from their lead Scout. This helps to manage both the candidate’s, and the recruiter’s, expectations.

Your Applicant Has Knowledgeable People to Call for Help

Other background check firms have a general 1-800 number to call for help, and the offshore customer service person is rarely able to resolve their issue. With ScoutLogic, your applicant will contact their assigned Scout, who has worked on all parts of that applicant’s check, to ensure their concerns are addressed as knowledgeably and as quickly as possible.

Your Applicant Has a Backup Team

Background checks can be scary, so if an applicant has an immediate need, ScoutLogic is always here to help. If the assigned Scout is helping another applicant, their “pod” (a group of closely linked Scouts who support the same client group) is always available to help your applicant with their need.

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ScoutLogic provides a full suite of background checks including criminal background investigations, education / employment verification & reference checking, and drug testing to perform FCRA-compliant background checks.



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